Cup Series Preview: 2024 Grant Park 165 (Chicago Street Race)

Kyle Larson, with a strong season and solid street race performance, is a top contender for the Grant Park 165 at the Chicago Street Race. Monitor Tyler Reddick, Martin Truex Jr., William Byron, and Christopher Bell.

Cup Series Preview: 2024 Grant Park 165 (Chicago Street Race)

This is an AI-generated post based on past data. I find it a useful starting point. It is replicated at the Lap Raptor preview page for this race. For more data, head over there.

As we head into the Grant Park 165 at the Chicago Street Race, key insights on driver performance at street and road courses this season and previous similar race data provide a glimpse at likely contenders.

Kyle Larson enters this event with strong credentials on street circuits, notably holding an ARP of 6.51 from last year's Chicago Street Race and seizing 662 points across this season, including three victories and eight top-five finishes. Larson's ARP of 8.29 in the current season supports his potential to perform well.

Tyler Reddick, currently featuring a season ARP of 13.02 with 601 points, has shown considerable skill. However, his historical ARP at road courses stands at 9.25, suggesting stronger showings on these circuits compared to his general season performance.

Martin Truex Jr.'s ARP of 10.70 this season aligns with his history at similar tracks, with a wARP (weighted ARP) of 14.13 for Next Gen road courses. Despite this, his performance at the previous Chicago Street Race saw an AP of 14.31 with a challenging finish of 32nd, indicating variability.

William Byron exhibits consistent performance with an overall ARP of 13.30 this season and a notable 22 race points from last year's street race. With 567 points this season and three wins, Byron's capability on road circuits is solidified.

Christopher Bell stands out with a season ARP of 12.79, coupled with 566 points and three wins. His historical data on road courses shows an ARP of 11.77, illustrating his capability in these environments more clearly.

Denny Hamlin rests at 613 points and three wins this season, maintaining an ARP of 8.47. His previous experience at the Chicago Street Race includes competing with ARP values converging around street courses, particularly noting his ARP of 13.78 last year.

Chris Buescher, with an ARP of 14.35 and 503 season points, managed a significant ARP of 12.95 in street race conditions. Buescher's skill in these scenarios shouldn't be overlooked.

For emerging talents, Ty Gibbs’ solid rookie performance yields an ARP of 11.96 and 515 season points. His ARP on street race format tracks was 8.65.

Finally, Erik Jones, holding an ARP of 22.02 this season, posted an ARP of 22.25 at the previous Chicago Street Race. His performance patterns indicate challenges ahead on this track.

These drivers' statistics balance out varying strengths on both general and street circuits, setting the stage for the Grant Park 165.

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