Cup Series Recap: 2024 Toyota Owners 400 (Richmond Raceway)

Denny Hamlin wins after starting 11th, followed by Joey Logano and Kyle Larson who led much of the race. Martin Truex Jr. finishes 4th, and Christopher Bell's rise from 29th to 6th stands out. Chase Elliott ends in 5th.

Cup Series Recap: 2024 Toyota Owners 400 (Richmond Raceway)

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What follows is an AI-generated commentary based on the race results and statistics. I find it useful to glance at. You can view more statistics at the Lap Raptor race page for this race. For more data, head over there.

Denny Hamlin claimed victory in a race lasting 407 laps, finishing 1st from an 11th place start. His performance was highlighted by a net gain rating (GR-LR) of 3.8 and an average running position (ARP) of 7.98. Joey Logano finished 2nd, boasting an even better ARP of 4.31, and a net gain rating of 4.06. Notably, Kyle Larson led a significant portion of the race before a late incident disrupted his momentum, contributing to his 3rd place finish despite a low ARP of 2.74.

Martin Truex Jr. dominated a large segment, maintaining the lead from lap 152 to lap 399, but a late race bonanza spoiled his run, resulting in a 4th place finish. His ARP was 2.45, and his net gain rating was 5.46 – one of the highest of the race. Christopher Bell’s ascent from 29th to finish 6th merits attention, backed by a net gain rating of 4.76. Conversely, Chase Elliott, who began in 2nd and led the initial laps, fell to 5th, citing an ARP of 9.43.

Among interesting outcomes, Josh Berry ascended from 30th to 11th, recovering from a wild grid position with a net gain rating of 3.58. Ty Dillon and Daniel Hemric encountered notable declines in performance, finishing 29th and 30th respectively, with high negative net gain ratings of -9.34 and -10.99. Late accidents also impacted Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson, both involved in incidents that shaped the final standings.

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