Lap Raptor Update: February 2023

Many improvements were made to Lap Raptor in February 2023:

Loop Data

  • Every race since 2019 now has loop data available [example]
  • We have added a tool to loop up loop data by a number of parameters; try it here. An example: here is a lookup of the loop data of all pole sitters in regular season short track races since 2020. You can find this under the Tools dropdown in the header bar.
  • Driver pages now also have loop data race logs [example]


  • We now have a simple splits page that shows the average finish of drivers on the different track types [try it]
  • You can also find splits by season on each driver page [example]

Everything Else

  • New glossary of all the terms you can find in the "Stats on this page" sections on the various stats pages here
  • You can search for driver profiles from the Other Series page [example]
  • Filter the driver stats page on tracks instead of just track type. Here's Las Vegas since 2020
  • There are now ages on driver profile pages and the driver stats lists. Filters coming soon

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