NASCAR will not rescind RWR #51 charter

A turtle with racing wheels for legs and the number 51 on its shell

Of cars with 30+ starts in the Cup series this year, the RWR #51 is:

  • 3rd worst in average starting position (ASP; only 78 and 77 better)
  • 2nd worst in average finish (AFP; 78)
  • T-2nd worst in laps led (51 and 78 have 3, 42 has 2)
  • 2nd worst in % laps completed (LC%; 42)
  • 3rd worst in laps completed (42 and 15)

Rinse and repeat for the last three years. Minimum 100 starts, the 51 is:

  • 2nd worst ASP (78)
  • 2nd worst AFP (78)
  • Fewest laps led
  • 3rd worst % laps completed
  • 2nd fewest laps completed (77)

The 51, 77, and 78 (and this year, the 42) have been running in a series of their own. The latter laggards aren't in the same position as the 51 though: the 78 has been sold to Spire, which owns the 77 and has shown it can compete with the aforementioned 7. For the 51, all we can do is pray for competitive performance next year.

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