New features: better driver pages, finish stats

New features:

  • Annual stats on the driver pages: now that we're well into our second year of data, we've added an annual stats table to each driver page, so you can see how much or how little drivers are improving year to year
  • More stats have also been added to the driver race logs, and they can be plotted. You can now see cPOMS, and net gain and retention ratings there
  • New finish metrics: in the counting stats reports on the main driver stats page and on each driver's page, you can now see wins (!), top 5s, top 10s, as well as the per race (e.g. Win%) and per finish numbers in the rates reports

We've also added OEM logos instead of using the emoji hearts, which is perhaps a welcome change for those who don't enjoy such affectionate symbols representing certain OEMs.

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