Xfinity Series Preview: 2024 Sci Aps 200 (New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

Austin Hill is the top pick for the 2024 Xfinity Series Sci Aps 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, thanks to his solid season performance and strong stats on similar short tracks.

Xfinity Series Preview: 2024 Sci Aps 200 (New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

This is an AI-generated post based on past data. I find it a useful starting point. It is replicated at the Lap Raptor preview page for this race. For more data, head over there.

The 2024 Xfinity Series Sci Aps 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway will see drivers tackling 200 laps on the 1.058-mile oval. Focusing on driver performance at this track and on similar short tracks provides insight into potential outcomes for this race.

Austin Hill has demonstrated consistent performance this season, highlighted by two wins and nine top-10 finishes. His ARP of 7.17 and an AFP of 7.54 this season reflect his strong presence at the front of the field. At New Hampshire, Hill's ARP is 11.12 with an AFP of 5.00, suggesting he adapts well to this track's challenges. His performance on similar short tracks indicates a slightly better ARP of 10.12, making him a competitive contender at this event.

Cole Custer's season shows strong mid-pack performance, with six top-10 finishes and an ARP of 7.62. At New Hampshire, Custer has an ARP of 4.90 with an AFP of 22.00, highlighting some inconsistency at this specific track. However, his performance on similar short tracks, with an ARP of 5.13, suggests he has the capability to capitalize on favorable conditions.

Chandler Smith has a notable season with two wins and eight top-10s, translating to an ARP of 7.79 and AFP of 10.69. His lone start at New Hampshire saw him securing an AFP of 2.00 with a respectable ARP of 5.49. Comparatively, on similar short tracks, his ARP is 7.19, indicating he excels on such configurations and remains a key driver to watch.

Sheldon Creed, with seven top-10s this season and an ARP of 11.92, shows mixed results at New Hampshire, having an ARP of 8.84 and an AFP of 13.00. On similar short tracks, Creed's ARP is 10.93, aligning well with his general performance consistency and marking him as a consistent mid-field presence.

AJ Allmendinger has had a solid season with seven top-10s, an ARP of 11.50, and an AFP of 12.38. At New Hampshire, his ARP is 10.20, showing he has the potential to run well, although his AFP of 20.00 suggests mixed results in final race standings. His ARP of 8.52 on similar short tracks underscores his competitiveness in this race type.

Sammy Smith also shows promise with his seven top-10s and season ARP of 11.73. At New Hampshire, he has an AFP of 5.00, coupled with an ARP of 9.56, suggesting a good potential to perform. His ARP of 9.35 on similar short tracks indicates consistent and notable performances.

Jeremy Clements has struggled this season, reflected by an ARP of 22.70 and just one top-10 finish. However, at New Hampshire, his ARP of 17.78, coupled with an improvement in similar short tracks' ARP to 20.79 indicates he has the potential to outperform his season averages under the right conditions.

John Hunter Nemechek's limited but significant data at New Hampshire shows an exceptional ARP of 1.76 and AFP of 1.00, boosted by a strong showing. On similar short tracks, his ARP is 4.74, establishing him as a top contender given the track conditions.

Parker Kligerman's season reveals an ARP of 11.57 with six top-10 finishes, though his single outing at New Hampshire resulted in an AFP of 32.00. On similar short tracks, his ARP of 16.14 points to variability in performance but shows potential for contention.

Riley Herbst, another consistent performer with an ARP of 7.32 and five top-10s this season, holds a mixed performance at New Hampshire with an ARP of 15.09 and AFP of 25.00. On similar tracks, his ARP is 9.97, marking him as a driver capable of improved results under similar conditions.

With a mix of rookies and seasoned drivers displaying a range of adaptability and performance on short tracks and specifically at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the Sci Aps 200 promises competitive and dynamic racing. Performance comparisons on similar tracks factor heavily in predicting outcomes, aiding in identifying those poised for a top finish.

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