Xfinity Series Preview: 2024 Tennessee Lottery 250 (Nashville Superspeedway)

Cole Custer's strong performance at intermediate tracks suggests he could excel at the Tennessee Lottery 250. With notable consistency this season and an impressive track record, Custer appears poised for success.

Xfinity Series Preview: 2024 Tennessee Lottery 250 (Nashville Superspeedway)

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The upcoming 2024 Xfinity Series Tennessee Lottery 250 at Nashville Superspeedway will be a critical event for drivers to gain points and showcase their skills on this 1.33-mile intermediate track.

Cole Custer has shown strong performance at similar intermediate tracks with an ARP of 6.21 and AFP of 10.08 over 13 starts. This consistency is carried into this season with a similar ARP of 7.05 and AFP of 8.60 over 15 starts. He achieved a respectable finish at Nashville Superspeedway before with a GR of 3.04, showing his adaptability to this specific track type.

Austin Hill, with two wins this season, holds an ARP of 7.51 and AFP of 10.07 over 15 starts. On similar intermediate tracks, he maintains solid stats with an ARP of 6.79 and AFP of 7.87. His prior performance at Nashville includes an AFP of 6.00 and an ARP of 8.86 over 2 races, suggesting he could be competitive in this event.

Chandler Smith, a rising competitor, also has two wins this season, maintaining an ARP of 7.49 and AFP of 10.80 over 15 starts. In his single appearance at Nashville, he registered an ARP of 3.85 and an AFP of 12.00, which, paired with his intermediate track performance (ARP 8.97, AFP 14.64), indicates potential.

Justin Allgaier, seasoned and consistent, will also be one to watch. This season, he has secured one win and four top-5 finishes, leading to an ARP of 5.77 and AFP of 15.53 over 15 starts. At Nashville, he has an ARP of 7.27 and AFP of 8.00 over two races, reflecting his ability to perform well here.

Sheldon Creed will seek to improve his season performance where he has an ARP of 10.64 and AFP of 13.20 over 15 starts. His intermediate track performance suggests potential challenges with an AFP of 18.17. His stats at Nashville are mixed, though, with an AFP of 26.50 and ARP of 14.57 across two races.

AJ Allmendinger is another notable participant with an AFP of 13.93 and ARP of 11.66 over 15 starts this season. On similar intermediate tracks, his performance is stable, maintaining an ARP of 8.11 and AFP of 10.00. While his combined Nashville statistics show a slight dip (ARP 6.34, AFP 8.50 over 2 races), his broader track adaptability remains critical.

Parker Kligerman, commonly strong on intermediates with an ARP of 12.30 and AFP of 15.54 across 13 races, will be looking to leverage his experience to capture a stronger finish (AFP at Nashville is 11.00).

Riley Herbst's overall season performance (ARP 7.87, AFP 14.67) aligns well with his intermediate track stats (ARP 10.45, AFP 14.87), ensuring he remains in contention for a strong outing at Nashville.

Lastly, Sam Mayer, showcasing two wins this season with an ARP of 9.92 and AFP of 17.13 over 15 starts, will aim to reinforce his performance. His intermediate track stats (ARP 8.71, AFP 11.87) offer further optimism heading into Nashville.

These drivers' performances at similar intermediate tracks and consistent season results indicate a competitive field vying for critical points and positions at the Tennessee Lottery 250.

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