Xfinity Series Preview: 2024 Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 (Sonoma Raceway)

The 2024 Xfinity Series Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 at Sonoma Raceway presents a 1.99-mile road course challenge. AJ Allmendinger leads with an impressive ARP of 2.61 at Sonoma, showcasing his expertise and strong contender status.

Xfinity Series Preview: 2024 Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 (Sonoma Raceway)

This is an AI-generated post based on past data. I find it a useful starting point. It is replicated at the Lap Raptor preview page for this race. For more data, head over there.

The 2024 Xfinity Series Zip Buy Now, Pay Later 250 at Sonoma Raceway brings a unique challenge with its 1.99-mile road course. Evaluating driver performance based on the provided data is crucial for understanding who might have an edge.

Austin Hill enters Sonoma with a strong season record, tallying two wins and maintaining an ARP of 7.19 across 12 races. His stats on similar road courses reflect consistency with an ARP of 10.29, slightly higher but within a competitive range. Hill's track-specific performance further substantiates his competency, achieving an ARP of 8.03 in his sole attempt here.

Cole Custer has also been consistent this season, standing out with six top-10 finishes and an ARP of 7.36 in 12 races. His performance on similar road courses is commendable with an ARP of 9.34. At Sonoma, Custer’s previous race yielded an ARP of 15.43, indicating room for improvement but still showcasing potential given his season's form.

Sam Mayer showcases strong track-specific data with an ARP of 9.66 for his performance at Sonoma, augmented by an overall season ARP of 10.80 across 12 races. Mayer's road course performance reflects robust adaptability with an ARP of 10.21, aligning closely with his season statistics.

Sheldon Creed’s performance this season includes six top-10 finishes and an ARP of 12.03. Although his metrics on road courses display a significant climb with an ARP of 9.90, his ARP at Sonoma stands at 10.96, signifying a slight challenge in maintaining his overall season form on this specific track.

Riley Herbst remains consistent, reflected by his 12-race ARP of 16.42. His similar track record shows an ARP of 11.35, while his performance at Sonoma presents an ARP of 15.31, indicating a notable deviation from his seasoned stats but within competitive parameters.

Parker Kligerman’s road course stats depict a balanced approach with an ARP of 11.03 on similar tracks. His Sonoma performance stands out with an ARP of 8.78, coupled with an impressive track-specific AFP of 5.00, which exceeds his season AFP of 16.00 over 12 races.

John Hunter Nemechek has had a limited season with six starts but achieved an ARP of 13.81. His road course stats underscore a proficient ARP of 12.33. However, at Sonoma, his ARP deviates to 9.73, indicating a better performance at this track compared to his overall season.

Finally, AJ Allmendinger’s profile is compelling with a season ARP of 11.51 over 12 starts. Known for his road course prowess, he has an ARP of 6.84 on similar tracks. His ARP at Sonoma of 2.61 showcases his expertise on this racing surface, reinforcing his status as a strong contender based on track-specific and road course performance.

Overall, the data points toward several drivers with strong performances both seasonally and on road courses, making them notable figures in this upcoming race at Sonoma Raceway.

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